Dr. Neil's Tablet PC Development Page

Getting Started with Tablet PC Development
An eBook that is a developers workbook of exercises to help you get started developing applications for the Tablet PC.

Tablet PC Platform SDK v1.7
The Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the information you need to develop applications for Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. The Tablet PC platform encompasses Windows XP and its extensions that enable input and output of handwriting and speech data on a Tablet PC as well as interchange of this data with other computers.

Developing Applications for the Tablet PC
This two-day tutorial on Tablet PC development explores the new features presented to developers when building applications for the Tablet PC.

Building Tablet PC Applications
The authoritative source of Tablet PC programming information for developers and independent software vendors. The only book you really need to get going in Tablet PC development with .NET.

MSDN home for Tablet PC Developers
The Microsoft Tablet PC developer resources site.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Additional programs written for the Tablet PC. The Snipping Tool for Tablet PC is my favourite, of all the tools avaiable on this web page this is the most useful, in my opinion.

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